2019 Interior Office Design Trends

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#1 2019 Office Design Trend: Nonconventional Workspaces

As Millennials are continuing to fill the desks of millions of offices, they continue to be a key factor in environmental workplace design. This includes tech startups, which are at an all-time high, fueled by tech savvy millennials. In 2019 conventional office spaces are definitely out. A new age is here and it’s powered by millennials.

What does a nonconventional workspace look like in 2019?

  • Fewer cubicles and more collaboration
  • Highly original office environments
  • Artwork and plants that inspire us
  • Colors that positively influence our moods
  • Height adjustable standing desks
  • Warehouses converted to offices

Therefore, 2019 office design is going to need more surface color choices, more ergonomic furniture, and more connected spaces that encourage innovation and collaboration while still championing personal identity.

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