Wilsonart | TFL or HPL Laminate Table Tops

Wilsonart has been the industry leader since 1956. With over 500 designs to choose from, finding the right laminate surface will be easy. Any project design you might have can be met with a brilliant range of colors and patterns each offering an attractive combination of great looks at a superior value.

Only Table Tops in Phoenix Arizona offers both Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Wilsonart Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) to meet your project needs and specifications. Many in stock colors listed for HPL are also available in TFL with additional lead times, but we work hard to stock the most popular colors and patterns available, which translates into shorter lead times for you.


Colors Available

NEW Wilsonart | HPL Stone Collection 2021 is HERE


New Designs

16 new designs featuring the all new Fieldstone textured finish, bring the presence of stone and nature’s beauty to your office space or home. New easy to maintain, highly durable, cost conscious, eco-friendly surfaces that will withstand time and trend are now available. We craft high quality table tops, office furniture, and pretty much anything else flat panel, to your specs in Phoenix, Arizona. Call 855-469-6858 for Quotes.

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Wilsonart TFL

Wilsonart HPL | Solid Colors

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NEW Wilsonart HPL | Traceless Woodgrain Colors

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Traceless Laminate is a high-tech fingerprint-resistant surface that repels fingerprints, smears, smudges, streaks and coffee cup rings. The collection now includes new rich colors in elegant elm designs. These sophisticated woodgrain designs offer the best of both worlds, beautiful designs in a soothing, matte finish without sacrificing performance.


New Designs

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Wilsonart HPL | Traceless Solid Colors

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Traceless Laminate is a high-tech fingerprint-resistant surface that repels fingerprints, smears, smudges, streaks and coffee cup rings. The technology is infused into the laminate during the manufacturing process, making it part of the product rather than a top coat. It also comes with an ultra soft-and-silky finish that absolutely lives up to the name velvet and a UL GREENGUARD Gold certification. Learn more.

Wilsonart HPL | Aligned Texture Woodgrain Colors

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The first-of-its-kind, Aligned Texture ushers in a dynamic collection of six woodgrains featuring the Aligned Oak designs—where authentic realism is brought to the surface as each elegantly aged oak laminate design exhibits the natural dimension and feel of real wood. This finish offers a plain sawn structure with blends of straight grains and natural variations, and each design features AEON Enhanced Scratch & Scuff Resistance and silver ion Antimicrobial Protection. Learn more.

Wilsonart HPL | Nature Undisturbed Woodgrain Colors

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Exotic wood species are desired for many reasons. Primarily, these woods are highly treasured for their unique beauty, rarity, and commercial value. The demand for these precious woods is only increasing. Our response: all new sustainable engineered laminate designs from the “Nature Undisturbed” Collection which provides an alternative source to threatened and endangered woods.

Wilsonart HPL | Additional Woodgrain Colors

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Wilsonart Solid Surface | Stone and Woodgrain-Inspired Designs

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Wilsonart® Premium Solid Surface was not created merely for countertops. You can also get creative and design the perfect worksurface with beauty that lasts a lifetime. Need manufacturing and on time production? Call us at 602-354-3452, and let’s talk. We offer an additional 87 designs on our Wilsonart® Premium Solid Surface catalog.

Wilsonart | Additional Patterns and Colors

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Looking for something else?

Wilsonart offers over 500 colors and designs with multiple finishes. If you have a specific color or design in mind and don’t see it in our in stock library, let us know, and we can get your table tops made to order as fast as possible. For a full list of all available Wilsonart colors and designs, click here. When you find it, just include the pattern number in the quote request below.

The Core

Wilsonart HPL is normally used for high impact horizontal table top surfaces. Wilsonart Table Tops are available with 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ Commercial Grade Particleboard, 3/4″ Pro-core CFC, 3/4″ MDF, or 3/4″ to 1″ Baltic Birch Premium Plywood. Our Wilsonart TLF table tops feature 3/4″ commercial grade particleboard at their core. Wilsonart table tops are CPA, Sustainable, and GREENGUARD certified.

The Edge

Wilsonart’s collection of decorative edgebanding for laminates include smooth 2 mm color matching edge banding and many other options. Choose from two unique, architectural options to add the perfect finishing touch to your tables and desks. You may also customize your edge color. Wilsonart® Edgeband is a cost-effective edge solution for all your commercial projects.

The Surface

Although HPL surfaces are designed for high impact horizontal table tops, our TFL table tops are also resilient to wear and warping, and are more budget friendly. And, both are easily cleaned and maintained. Our in stock Wilsonart  HPL and TFL table top surfaces come in a variety of finishes based on the surface color and design. Just check the 2 digit number to identify the finish such as -60 “Matte Finish”. See samples below.

Wilsonart | Laminate Surface Finishes

All finishes marked premium feature AEON Enhanced Performance Technology, providing up to 3x the industry standard for wear, scratch, scuff and mark resistance. Download the full Wilsonart laminate table top texture finish options pdf for more details. Also, learn more about our common table tops shapes and sizes, our table top edge choices, and table top services we offer.

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