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Only Table Tops provides custom and standard services and solutions that you’ve been searching for.

Choose from a wide variety of services that can transform your work place projects into a thing of simplicity and beauty. We are the table top techies, and we can work with you to solve many of the common problems you may have had with previous installs. It’s what we do.

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Grommet Holes & Covers

For projects where pre-cut grommet holes are needed, we have you covered. Add hole placements and sizes to your order and skip the additional steps during installs. We can also supply the grommet covers.

Power Supply

For projects where pre-cut power supply holes are needed, we also have a solution for that. Add custom sized pre-cut holes and patterns to your table top order and wow the customer.

Pre-drilled Hole Patterns

Pre-drilled hole patterns can save valuable time and money and solve many issues installers have with alignment and screws stripping. We can also pre-drill table frame patterns.

Fastener Solutions

Pre-drill holes for euro or (system) screws for projects where weight might be an issue. Just give us the exact screw sizes you need, and we’ll pre-drill the holes for you and supply the screws.

Cable Management

We also manufacture a world-class cable management tray to handle all your loose wires and cords. Add them to your order, and we’ll pre-drill those holes too. Ask us about our two standard sizes.

Custom Edgebanding

With thousands of edgeband patterns available, even duplicating the trending natural birch plywood edge is not a problem. Choosing custom edgebanding has never been easier. Ask us about our selections.



Choose From Over 80 Colors of PRISM TFL Table Tops.

Wilsonart TFL & HPL

Choose From Over 500 Colors of Wilsonart Table Tops.

Formica HPL

Choose From Over 227 Colors of Formica HPL Table Tops.

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